November 2019

Auction Results

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Lot NumberItem DescriptionHammer Price
5Gauthier Minifex camera$250
7Gundlach-Manhattan Optical Company 8 x 20 Korona Panoramic View Camera, Nr. 90 $1,200
9153mm Hugo Meyers Gorlitz "Satz Plasmat" f4,5 Nr. 784008 $100
11Kamera-WerkstŠtten Pilot Reflex Nr. 2098$250
13Kodak Ektra Nr. 3627 with 50mm Ektar f1,9 Nr. EY783$1,000
15Lawrie R.R 6 _ x 8 _ brass lens.$125
17Leitz 7x50 Dienstglas Kriegsmarine binoculars$300
19Leica R8 Christmas Ornament.$150
21Leica Laserpointer (37337)$250
22Small Leica plastic display stand (with clear rail)$125
23Leica plastic display stand (one piece)$125
24Illuminated round Leica Sign$500
25Olympus Pen-F camera set$350
26Plaubel Makina II S Compur in beautiful silver chrome finish$400
28Plaubel Makina II B Compur$150
31Taylor & Hobson Cooke Process lens Series V 10x8 inch, Nr. 13673$175
32Taylor & Hobson Cooke Process lens Series IV 11x14 inch Anastigmat f5,6 Nr. 31891$400
34Voigtlander 15cm Apo-Skopar f8$100
35Voigtlander 21cm APO-Lanthar f4,5 Compur Electronic 3$850
36Voigtlander 21cm Heliar f4,5 Nr. 7187055$450
37Voigtlander 24cm Heliar f4,5 Nr. 7186591$350
38Voigtlander 24cm Heliar f4,5 Compur Nr. 7094249$600
39Voigtlander 24cm Heliar f4,5 Compur Electronic 5FS$200
40Voigtlander 30cm Heliar f4,5 Nr. 6939895$550
41Voigtlander 30cm Heliar f4,5 Compur Nr. 693987$1,700
43Yashica "Nicca" YF Nr. 470007 with 50mm Yashinon f1,8$450
44Carl Zeiss Jena Protarlinse Process lens$750
46Zeiss 8x30 Binoculars$100
48Wooden stereo viewer, circa 1920$200
51Rolleiflex 6x6 Automat (Type 3) Nr. 1039001$125
52Rolleiflex Automat (Type 3) 6x6 Nr.1082783$100
53Rolleiflex 4x4 Nr. 642740 with 60m Tessar f2,8 "Sports Rolleiflex"$175
54Rolleicord II (Type 1) with 75mm Triotar f3,5$75
55Rolleicord Vb (Type 2), Nr. 2654762 $400
56Rolleiflex 4x4 Grey Nr. 2000100$250
57Rollei 3,5F (type 1) Nr. 2218439$825
58Rollei Magic Nr. 2515111 with case & strap$150
59Rolleiflex 2,8 GX set$2,000
60Film trimming template for Leitz daylight developing tanks$100
61Leitz "Rodinax 35" Daylight-Developing Tank$100
63Leicavit Rapid Winder SYOOM$300
64Aftermarket rapid winding device SCNOO$200
67Tabletop Tripod TOOUG$150
69Lens shade 12504, in silver chrome finish$350
70Lens shade FISON in black enamel finish$100
71Lens shade FOOKH in rare black enamel finish$150
72Lens shade IWKOO for the 21mm Super-Angulon f4 lens$125
73Leica shade OLLUX for the early 35mm Summilux "steel rim" $700
75Lens shade SOOHN in black finish$350
80Two early plastic and metal M camera body covers$100
81Ever-ready case EFGOO for Leica IIc / IIIc and Leica IIf / IIIf cameras$100
82Visoflex adapter OTZFO* for the 65mm Elmar$100
89Universal viewfinder VISAX with framelines for 35mm, 50mm and 90mm lenses$250
90VIDOM Universal viewfinder in silver chrome finish$150
92Close-Up Attachment ADVOO for 50mm lenses on the Leica IIIg camera$100
9321mm Bright-Line viewfinder SBKOO in silver chrome finish$200
9528mm Bright-Line viewfinder (12007/SLOOZ) in black finish$300
975cm Bright-Line viewfinder SBOOI, in its original red paper box$100
988,5cm Brightline Viewfinder SGOOD, in case$350
103Early slip-on UVa filter FIOLA for a36 size lenses, in its red paper box$50
104Two early color thread-in filters for the 50 Elmar f3,5 lens$150
109A set of seven slip-on filters made for the 73mm Hektor f1,9 lens in the 1930s$450
110Thread-in filters for the 73mm Hektor lens: green filter FIRYX and orange filter FRCOO in original red paper boxes$250
113Visoflex IIa with OUBIO adapter to use 125mm Hektor, 135mm Elmar and Hektor in short mounts$150
11515mm Super-Elmar-R f3,5 Nr. 3004606 $1,000
122Leicaflex SL MOT Black Chrome, Nr. 1372584 with Leicaflex Motor, Nr. 3156$400
123Leicaflex Mark 1 set.$650
12428mm Summaron f5,6 Nr. 1501868$800
12528mm Hektor f6,3 Nr. 580304$750
127Nikon 35mm W-Nikkor f1,8 Nr. 182628unsold
13350mm Summicron f2 Collapsible (LAK9), Nr. 1021396unsold
13450mm Summicron f2 Collapsible (LAK9), Nr. 1040508$600
14290mm Summicron f2 Canada, Nr. 1651497 $900
14390mm "Parallel" Elmar f4 Nr. 2090480$800
144105mm "Mountain" Elmar f6,3 Nr. 300125 $500
145125mm Hektor f2,5 Canada, Nr. 1214390$300
148200mm Telyt-V f4,5 Nr. 1072312 $175
149Leica I (Model A) Nr. 11333$1,200
154Leica I (Model A) to Leica III conversion Nr. 33886$750
156Leica II Nr. 172683 in black enamel with nickel fittings, with 50mm Hektor f2,5$1,000
159Leica IIIa Nr. 258604 in silver chrome finish with motor winder MOOLY Nr. 792$1,200
162Leica IIIc "Sharkskin" Nr. 440758 $200
164Leica IIIf Red Dial Nr. 614477, with 50mm Summitar f2 Nr. 978617$400
165Leica Outfit Field Case ETMAX, with Leica outfit, all in working order$900
16621mm Super-Angulon f3,4 Nr. 2035950 in silver chrome finish$1,300
16724mm Elmarit-M f2,8 ASPH. Nr.3809758 in sliver chrome finish $1,800
16928mm Elmarit f2,8 Canada, Nr. 2062744$1,400
17035mm Summicron-RF f2, Wetzlar Nr. 1780101$1,500
17135mm Summicron-M f2 ASPH black enamel Nr. 4000196$3,000
17235mm Summicron-M f2 black enamel Nr. 4001704$3,400
17335mm Summaron f2,8 Wetzlar, Nr. 1814212$1,000
17435mm Summaron-RF f3,5 Nr. 1361003 with black enamel finish M3 ocular attachment$800
17550mm Noctilux f1 Nr. 2853869$6,750
17650mm Noctillux-M f1 (e60) Nr. 3478388$4,500
17750mm Summilux-M f1,4 ASPH black enamel Nr. 4011718 $3,300
17850mm "Dual Range" Summicron f2 Nr. 1708591 $900
18075mm Summilux-M f1,4 Germany, Nr. 3904876$4,200
18185mm Zeiss Sonnar T* f2 ZM Nr. 15560085$3,000
18390mm "Fat" Tele-Emarit f2,8 Nr. 2070237 in silver chrome finish$800
18490mm Elmarit f2,8 Black Nr. 2426319$350
188Leica M2 Nr.1113086$1,200
190Leica M4 Nr. 1211741 with 50mm Summilux f1,4 Chrome Nr. 2039795 $2,800
192Leica CL "50 Jahre" Nr. 1401270 (111-I) with 40mm Summicron-C f2, Nr. 263765$900
193Leica M6 .72 Titanium, Nr. 2331731$1,800
194Leica M6 .85 TTL Nr. 2594588 "LHSA" in black enamel finish, $3,600
195Leica MP3 Nr. 3026504 "LHSA" (0430/1000) in silver chrome finish, complete in the box$7,250
196Leica MP3 Nr. 3026559 "LHSA" (0969/1000) in black enamel finish$13,000
197Rapid Winder SCNOO, in chrome finish$500
201Nippon Kogaku 3,5cm viewfinder with very rare eyepiece fitting$200
20228mm SOM Berthiot f3,3 Nr. 937721$1,800
20333mm Stereo Stemar f3,5 Nr. 1124002 with Stemar Prism OIMPO Nr. 1008, 33mm Bright-Line viewfinder OIDYO, lens shade OIGEO$2,700
20435mm Summilux f1,4 "Steel Rim" Nr. 1765006, in silver chrome finish, with original caps and lens shade OLLUX$6,750
20535mm Summilux-M f1,4 Aspherical. Nr. 3461349$16,000
20635mm Summilux-M f1,4 Aspherical Nr. 3461853$11,000
20735mm Summicron f2 Wetzlar Nr. 2134840 in black chrome finishunsold
208An interesting pairing of two modern black enamel special edition lenses: 35mm Summicron-M f2 ASPH Black Enamel (11611) Nr. 4001375 with 50mm Summilux-M f1,4 black enamel (11623) Nr. 4011375$6,750
20950mm SOM Berthoit f1,5 Nr. 950023$35,500
21050mm Noctilux f1,2 Nr. 2254970$30,000
21150mm "Rigid" Summicron f2 Nr. 1811541 with caps$1,600
21250mm "Rigid" Summcron f2 Nr. 1954631 in rare Black Enamel finish$6,500
214Nippon Kogaku 85mm Nikkor-S.C f1,5 Nr. 264368 $2,800
216P. Angenieux 90mm Type P1 f1,8 Nr. 276426 $4,200
21790mm Thambar f2,2 Nr. 226254 $3,500
221Leica IIIc Grey Nr. 389424 K.$3,000
223Leica IIIc Kriegsmarine Nr. 384362 M505$4,800
224Leica Post Kamera 24x27 Nr. 928938$1,400
226Leica M4 MOT Nr. 1274005 in black enamel finish "Property of U.S. Navy" $3,500
227Leica M4 MOT Nr. 1267213 in black enamel finish with a beautiful patina. With N.Y. Motor Nr. 02581$4,000
228Leica M6 "Ein Stuck Leica" set, Nr. 314 of 996$4,800
229Leica M6 "LHSA 1968-1993" Anniversary Set, Nr. 25 of 090$12,500
232The O'Hare Family Kemco "HoMovie" set. $2,000
233R.G. Lewis Photo Marine II Underwater Housing, Nr. 673$1,500
234Leica Specialist lighted sign$2,100
238Nikon S2 Black Dial Nr. 6180882 in black enamel finish with 50mm Nikkor-S.C f1,4 Nr. 390199$5,000
239The Sabre Stock for Hasselblad$3,500
240The Sabre Stock for Leica. Complete with built-in double cable release, Leica IIlf Red Dial Nr. 641112, 400mm Telyt f5 with lens shade, Nr. 1097053, Visoflex I Nr. 27786unsold
241Leica I (Model B Standardized) Nr. 13222 with 50mm Dial Set Compur f3,5 lens Nr. 258646$2,000
242Leica KAFILMCA 1/3x microscope camera set with MIKAS adapter and optical reduction system 1/2x (GIIMW) and including Ibsor shutter, beam-splitter, and aluminum collar fitted with E. Leitz Periplan 10x microscope optic$1,200
244Leica M3 Double Stroke Nr. 700323, made in 1954$4,000
245Leica M3 Single Stroke Nr. 993745 in black enamel finish$15,000
246Leica M3 Single Stroke Olive Green "Bundeseigentum" Nr. 920301 with 50mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 1141878$9,500
247Leica 50mm Summarit f1,5 Midland, Nr. 1526987$4,500
248Leica M3 Single Stroke Midland, Ontario, Nr. 998988$10,000
249The complete set of Leica M4-2 "25 Jahre Midland Ontario" Special Edition Cameras$30,000