Tamarkin Rare Camera Auctions

Company founder Stan Tamarkin started collecting, buying, selling and trading Leica cameras in 1971. Soon afterward, he formed Tamarkin Camera in New Haven, Connecticut. From 1995 to 2008 Tamarkin Camera also had a showroom in New York City.

In 1996, Stan began auctioning rare cameras and created a successful rare camera auction business, Tamarkin Rare Camera Auctions. Since that time we have held auctions in New York, Denver, Tucson, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, and New Haven and have repeatedly set world records for prices achieved at auction.

In 2010, Stan retired from Tamarkin Camera and his eldest son, Dan, took over the family business and moved it to downtown Chicago. Nowadays, Dan operates Tamarkin Rare Camera Auctions from offices in Woodbridge, Connecticut and Chicago, Illinois.

As America’s foremost auctioneer specializing in fine collectible photo equipment, we have auctioned millions of dollars of collectible camera gear. Our auction catalogues are collected and used worldwide as a reference tool and price guide, and are an excellent way to keep up with current pricing and trends.

For more information about our rare camera auctions, please contact Dan Tamarkin at dan@tamarkinauctions.com.

Dan Tamarkin with a few cameras

Stan Tamarkin with Leica Rifle
Stan Tamarkin with Leica Rifle

A love of photography and dedication to camera collecting

— and especially the Leica — is what drives us to seek out the world’s rarest and most intriguing photographic collectibles.