November 2016

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2Bell & Howell Foton$450
5Corfield WA 67$1,200
13Leica 8x20 C Trinovid Special Edition$500
14Minolta Super A set$250
16Minox Camera metal dealer sign$200
21Rolleiflex Tropical Case$100
22Ross London 3,5-inch Definex "Stewartry" f3,5 $300
25Voigtlander Vito III$275
27Zeiss 8 x 56 Dialyt binoculars$500
28Nikon 28mm W-Nikkor-C f3,5 $750
29Nikon 35mm Nikkor-C f1,8 Nr. 354271$650
3135mm Nikkor f3,5 Nr. 441651 in Leica screw mount$150
32Tokyo Kogaku 50mm Topcor-S f2$200
3385mm Nikkor f2 Nr. 404266$300
3485mm Nippon Kogaku f2 Nr. 295344$225
3685mm Nikkor f2 Nr. 403045$160
37105mm Nikkor f2,5 Nr.919683$350
38Nikon 135mm Nikkor-Q f4 with Nikon BR1 F$150
39Nikon SP Chrome $900
41Nikkor Metal Lens Case $200
43Zeiss Ikon Hologon Ultrawide camera set Nr. P76443$2,000
44Zeiss Ikon Hologon Ultrawide camera set Nr. 4814443$2,000
46Zeiss 21mm Biogon f4,5 Nr. 1421761$600
47Zeiss 21mm Biogon f4,5 Nr. 1420733$400
48Zeiss 28mm Tessar f8 Nr. 2235249$300
49Zeiss 28mm Tessar f8 Nr. 1549522$170
50Zeiss 28mm Tessar f8 Nr. 1680629$190
51Zeiss 35mm Biogon f2,8 Nr. 1133225$200
52Zeiss 35mm Biogon f2,8 Nr. 830439$225
53Zeiss-Opton 35mm Biogon f2,8 T $250
55Zeiss 35mm Biometar T f2,8 $400
56Zeiss 35mm Biogon f2,8 T Nr. 3114923$325
58Zeiss 35mm Planar f3,5 Nr. 1588089$250
59Zeiss 35mm Orthometar f4,5 Nr. 2391780 $275
60Zeiss 35mm Orthometar f4,5 Nr. 2267747$300
62Zeiss 50mm Sonnar f1,5 T Nr. 2855521 $500
63Zeiss 50mm Sonnar f1,5 Nr. 1211905$180
64Zeiss 50mm Sonnar f1,5 T Nr. 3051772$375
68Zeiss 60mm Sonnar f1,5 Nr. 357113$350
69Zeiss 75mm Biotar T f1,5 Nr. 3467755$3,200
70Zeiss 85mm Sonnar f2 Nr. 1129948$300
71Zeiss 85mm Sonnar f2 Nr. 1793578$200
74Zeiss 85mm Sonnar f2 T Nr. 2766593$700
78Zeiss 180mm Olympia-Sonnar f2,8$800
8185-250mm Vario-Sonnar f4 Nr. 454267$800
83Zeiss Super Nettel Nr. F46856$250
78180mm Olympia Sonnar Flektoskop $800
84Zeiss Contax IIIa Nr. D84558$175
85Zeiss Ikon Nettax 538/24 C$550
86Two Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta cameras$100
87Zeiss Super Ikonta 531 Nr. 6288649$145
88Zeiss Super Ikonta 531 A Nr. P72357$200
91Zeiss Ikon Tenax II Nr. H76175$150
94Zeiss Ikon PanFlex Reflex Housing Model 5522/23 $120
95Zeiss Ikon 75mm viewfinder$100
99Zeiss Ikon “Cameras of Precision” dealer display sign$300
100Two Zeiss camera display stands$90
101Zeiss Jena 7cm Bildlupe Magnifier$200
105Set of 1940s vintage darkroom accessories$175
110Leica Meter MR-4$150
111Leica Meter MR-4$85
113Leicavit MP Rapid Winder SYOOM-M Chrome$1,400
123Ever-ready case ESOOR$225
124Ever-ready case ESFUS$50
127Leica MP Ever-ready Case Modified$500
128Leica MP Ever-ready Case$1,400
129Vintage Leica Camera Box$105
130Leica Camera Stand$60
131Leica Standing Mirror$375
134AUFSU waist-level viewfinder. $200
135Long-Base Rangefinder FODIS$75
136FODIS in nickel$80
143Polarizer POOEL$75
145Polarizer POOTR$75
14885mm SGOOD$375
149Voigtlander 28mm/35mm viewfinder$125
15315mm Super Elmar R$1,200
15419mm Elmarit R$700
158400mm Telyt$300
162Leicaflex Mark 1 and Mark 2$400
164Leicaflex SL2 "50 Year" Anniversary$500
16925mm Canon Lens Nr. 15237$200
17025mm Canon lens Nr. 11805 and viewfinder$350
17128mm Summaron f5,6 Nr. 1052279 $650
17228mm Summaron f5,6 Nr. 1363442 $625
17428mm Kobalux Wide f3,5 $200
18050mm Summarit f1,5 Nr. 1434001 $325
18150mm Summar f2 Nr. 333435 $225
18250mm Summicron f2 collapsible $300
18450mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 12757 "11 o'clock"$500
18550mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 745840$145
18985mm Summarex f1,5 Nr. 823318$1,700
19090mm Thambar f2,2 Nr. 311285$2,000
193Wollensak 90mm Velostigmat f4,5 $100
195Canon 100mm Canon Lens f3,5$110
200125mm Hektor f2,5 Nr. 1650560$300
201125mm Hektor f2,5 Nr. 1305008$700
206Leica I Nr. 2458$2,100
208Leica I Nr. 6653$1,600
211Leica II Nr. 115878$750
212Leica II Nr. 247527$600
219Leica IIIg Nr. 943713$850
220Leica Ig Nr. 907350$350
22128mm Elmarit Nr. 2062097$1,500
22228mm Elmarit Nr. 2062968$2,100
22428-35-50mm Tri-Elmar-M f4 ASPH (E55)$5,000
22635mm Summilux-M f1,4 Nr. 3501322$2,000
22735mm Summilux-M f1,4 Nr. 3741677$2,200
22835mm Summilux-M f1,4 ASPH Nr. 3748196$2,800
22935mm Summicron RF f2 Nr. 2097907$1,100
23035mm Summicron f2 Canada Nr. 2066302$1,800
23235mm Summaron-RF f2,8$425
23350mm Summilux-M f1,4$3,100
23650mm Dual Range Summicron Nr. 1623896$650
23750mm Dual Range Summicron Nr. 1955066$700
23850mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1510622$600
24150mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 2987017$1,400
24450mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 1184512$275
24665mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 2379228$350
249Three Leica M telephoto lenses$300
252Leica M3 Double-Stroke Nr. 745036$1,200
258Leica M2 Nr. 1144924$900
262Leica M4 Nr. 1380607$1,200
263Leica M4 Nr. 1380985$1,700
265Leica M5 Black 3-lug Nr. 1363396$750
268Leica M6 .58 TTL Nr. 2732797$2,400
269Leica M6 .58 TTL Millenium Edition$2,050
270Leica MP3 "LHSA" Special Edition Nr. 3026447$6,000
271Leica MP3 "LHSA" Special Edition Nr. 3026528$4,300
272Leica MP .72 LHSA$4,700
27833mm Stereo Stemar f3,5$3,500
28035mm Summilux-M f1,4$8,000
28550mm Noctilux$14,750
288Voigtlander 50mm Nokton f1,5 Nr. 3421218$2,300
289Voigtlander 50mm Nokton f1,5 Nr. 3421395$3,400
291P. Angenieux 90mm Type P1 f1,8$2,800
301Leica II Nr. 241507$2,000
313Nikon S2 Dummy Camera$1,500
320Leica M4 KE-7A$15,000