November 2014

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Lot #NameSale Price
1Canon IVF Nr. 63135 with body cap and 50mm Canon Serenar f1,8 Nr. 62660.Not Sold
2FED 5B Nr. 535721 with 55mm f2,8 Nr. 9385300.Not Sold
3Leica Minilux Databack “Exclusive” Nr. 2159691 (Catalogue 18069).Not Sold
4Minox IIIs Nr. 876227 with leather case and chain.Not Sold
5Minox LX Gold Limited Edition Nr. 189999.$390
6Voigtländer Ultramatic CS outfit.Not Sold
7Spiegelraumglas II Reflecting Stereoscope.Not Sold
8Kardon Ever Ready Case.$200
9Zeiss Universal Finder 436/70 Nr. 9985.$75
10Contax I Ever Ready Case.Not Sold
11Contax IIIa Nr. F 28390 with 50mm Sonnar f1,5 Nr. 1606069.$240
12Zeiss Contarex Electronic Nr. 36930.Not Sold
13Rolleiflex 3,5F Planar Nr. 2258173 outfit.$900
14Rolleiflex FW f4,0 Nr. 6016649.Not Sold
1558mm Noct-Nikkor f1,2 Nr. 186382.$2,100
1658mm Noct-Nikkor f1,2 Nr. 172608.$2,100
17Nikon FM3A Nr. 270356 Black.$550
18Nikon F3HP Nr. 1592285.Not Sold
19Nikon FM2/T Nr. T9004470 with 50mm Nikkor f1,4 Nr. 5119890 AIS.$440
2035mm Nikon f2,5 Lens Hood.$75
2150mm Nikon f2 Lens Hood.$50
22Nikon SP Light Meter Nr. 961361.Not Sold
23Nikon Rangefinder Body Cap.Not Sold
24Nikon Rangefinder Close-Up Device Nr. 41424.Not Sold
25Nikon Rangefinder Copy Stand Nr. 11034.Not Sold
26Nikon S3/SP Exposure Meter Nr. 950993.Not Sold
27Nikon Variframe Universal Viewfinder Nr. 313654 Chrome (Rotoloni, Type 2).Not Sold
28Nikon Variframe Universal Viewfinder Nr. 364410 Chrome (Rotoloni, Type 6).Not Sold
29Nikon Variframe Universal Viewfinder Nr. 561912 Black (Rotoloni, Type 12).Not Sold
30Nikon Variframe Universal Viewfinder Nr. 902359 Chrome (Rotoloni, Type 2).Not Sold
31Nikon SP Ever Ready Case.Not Sold
32Nikon SP Meter Holder.Not Sold
33Lens Hood for 50mm Nikkor f1,1.$2,000
34Two-Piece Extension Collar Outfit for the 50mm Micro-Nikkor f3,5.$2,000
3535mm Nikkor f2,5 Nr. 243916 Chrome.$150
3650mm Micro-Nikkor f3,5 Nr. 523278.$1,500
37Nikon S3 Year 2000 Limited Edition Nr. 205948 with 50mm Nikkor-S f1,4 Nr. 205126.Not Sold
38Nikon SP Nr. 6200482 with 50mm Nikkor f1,4 Nr. 372555 Black and non-working S3/SP Meter Nr. 952224 with booster cell.Not Sold
39Nikon SP Nr. 6206854 Black with 28mm Nikkor f3,5 Nr. 717884 Black.Not Sold
40Nikon SP Nr. 6202636 Black with 50mm Nikkor f1,4 Nr. 387166 Black.Not Sold
41Remo Belt clip for a Leica camera.Not Sold
42Remo Belt clip for a Leica camera.Not Sold
43Oskar Barnack Pewter Plaque #98100 and “Welcome to the Passport Protection Plan Welcome Package,” including Leica M4-P Medal, wallet, and the Handbook of the Leica System.Not Sold
44Leica Desk Negative Viewer.$250
45Leica Cinovid Projector Nr. 609246 with power cord.Not Sold
46Leica Factory Sample Print by Walter Lyeden marked Aufnahme 2069, used a dealer loaner for marketing purposes.Not Sold
47Leica Pocket Watch 1918-1983.$550
48Accessory Bracket FIAVI with Panorama Head FARUX & FIBLA Spirit Level.$200
49Large Tripod Head #14168 with box.Not Sold
50Large Tripod Head #14168 with box and Table-Tripod #14100 with box.$110
51Two Single Film Holders.Not Sold
52Film Trimming Guide ABLON Nickel.Not Sold
53Wrist Strap TROOV.$100
54Two Screw-Mount to M mount adapters.$220
55MR-4 Meter Nr. 07608 Black Enamel.Not Sold
56MR Meter Nr. 28083 Black Enamel.$220
57Plumb-Line and Adapter FLOTH in box.$210
58Self Timer APDOO in Leica Small Suede Pouch.Not Sold
59Slow Speed Device DIREKT.$50
60Table Stand TOOSF Black and Nickel.$330
61Tripod Quick Release SDOOG Nickel.$160
62Two KOOBF Leica 250 Reporter film cassettes.Not Sold
63Benser Base-plate lens holder.$45
64Collapsible Field Stand STARE.$250
6521mm Super-Angulon f4 Lens Hood IWKOO #12502.$360
6628mm Hektor f6,3 Lens Hood SOOHN.$330
6728mm Hektor f6,3 Lens Hood SOOHN.$360
6828mm Summaron Lens Hood SOOBK.$260
6928mm Summaron Lens Hood SOOBK.$390
7035-50mm Lens Hood #12571 IROOA with box.$110
7135-50-90-135mm Elmar Lens Hood FIKUS.$50
7235mm Elmar Lens Hood FLQOO Black.$120
7335mm Summaron-Elmar FOOKH Chrome.Not Sold
7435mm Summaron-Elmar Lens Hood FOOKH Black.$75
7535mm Summaron-Elmar Lens Hood FOOKH Chrome.$75
7650mm Elmar Hood FISON Chrome E. Leitz N.Y.Not Sold
7750mm FISON Hood, Type I for Leica A.$440
7850mm FISON Hood, Type I for Leica A.$520
7950mm Noctilux f1,2 Hood #12503.$1,200
8050mm Summarit f1,5 Lens Hood XOONS.$650
8150mm Summilux f1,4 Lens Hood XOOIM.$100
8250mm Summitar f2 Lens Hood SOOPD in rare Chrome and Black finish engraved E. Leitz N. Y.$130
83Fake 50mm Elmar Lens Hood FISON.$75
8435mm Summaron-Elmar FOOKH Chrome.$50
8590/135mm Lens Hood #12575 with cap.Not Sold
86Ever Ready Case for MOOLY motor drive. 1/4 screw.$150
87Ever Ready Case for MOOLY motor drive. 3/8 screw.$160
88Leica A Purse Case.$90
89Small Leica Purse Accessory Case, unmarked.Not Sold
90Accessory Lens Cap with Set-Screw WZCOO.$575
91Camera Holder VEZUK Nickel with bracket.$250
92Camera Holder VEZUK Nickel with grooved slide on side.$250
93Camera Holder VEZUK Nickel, engraved Germany.$850
94Motor Drive MOOLY Nr. 769 with release arm.$550
95Mouth Release MQUOO.$200
9621mm Super-Angulon-R f4 Lens Hood #12511.$250
97Waterproof case MBROO for Leica IIIf.$250
9821mm Bright-Line Viewfinder SBKOO Black with box.$280
9921mm Bright-Line Viewfinder SBKOO Chrome.Not Sold
10021mm Bright-Line Viewfinder SBKOO Chrome.Not Sold
10121mm Bright-Line Viewfinder SBKOO Chrome.$180
10221mm Zeiss Viewfinder #435.$100
10328mm Bright-Line Finder SLOOZ.$200
10428mm Bright-Line Viewfinder SLOOZ Chrome.$150
10528mm Collapsible Albada Finder SUOOQ Black.$260
10635mm Bright-Line Finder Chrome.$400
10735mm Viewfinder WEISU Chrome Type I.$330
10835mm Viewfinder WEISU Chrome Type I.Not Sold
10950-90-135mm Framefinder ROSOL.Not Sold
11050mm Bright-Line Finder SBOOI Chrome.Not Sold
11150mm Bright-Line Finder SBOOI.$90
11250mm Waist Level Finder AUFSU.Not Sold
11390mm Bright-Line Finder SGVOO.$75
11490mm Collapsible Viewfinder SEROO.$120
115135mm Bright-Line Finder SHOOC.$80
116135mm Bright-Line Finder SHOOC.Not Sold
117135mm Collapsible Viewfinder SYEOO.$160
118A42 Polarizer #13552 for 50mm Summicron f2.$130
119Close up attachment for Leica IIIg ADVOO.Not Sold
120Close-Up Accessory NOOKY-HESUM for 50mm Summar, 50mm Summitar and 50mm Hektor.$50
121Close-up Accessory NOOKY-HESUM for 50mm Summitar, 50mm Summar and 50mm Hektor.Not Sold
122Film Viewer VOTRA in box with Stand VOTIV.Not Sold
123Hayco Universal Finder “Visiom.”Not Sold
124Imarect Universal Viewfinder VIOOH Nr. 65978.Not Sold
125Imarect Universal Finder VIOOH Nr. 20299 with 28mm Adapter TUVOO.$110
126Leica IIIg Close-Up accessory ADVOO #16503.$150
127Long-Base Rangefinder FODIS Black Nr. 34964.$75
128Long-base Rangefinder FOFER Black and Nickel.$80
129Near-Focus Accessory SDPOO for 50mm Dual-Range Summicron f2.$150
130Right-Angle Finder WINKO.Not Sold
131Right-Angle Finder WINTU Black.Not Sold
132Short-Base Rangefinder FOKOS Chrome with box.Not Sold
133Short-Base Rangefinder HFOOK Black and Chrome, Feet Scale, non-Leica shoe.Not Sold
134Short-Base Rangefinder HFOOK Chrome with shoe. Feet Scale.Not Sold
135Short-Base Rangefinder HFOOK Chrome. Feet Scale.Not Sold
13650mm Summicron f2 Close-Up Accessory SOOKY.Not Sold
137Sportsfinder RASAL Chrome for 35-50-73-90-105-135mm.Not Sold
138Stereo Viewer OTHEO with box.Not Sold
139Two F Filters for the 33mm Stemar f3,5 #13360. Rare.Not Sold
140Universal Finder KINSU Black & Nickel.$1,300
14150mm Summicron f2 Close-Up Accessory SOMKY.$85
14250mm Focotar-2 f4,5 Nr. 2700510 Leitz Wetzlar enlarger lens.$300
14315mm Super-Elmar-R f3,5 Nr. 3217582.$1,400
14421mm Super-Angulon-R f3,4 Nr. 2056107.Not Sold
14528mm Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 2441799 3-cam.$390
14635mm Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 2450508 3-cam.$260
14735mm Summicron-R f2 Nr. 3282765 3-cam.$650
14845-90mm Angenieux Paris f2,8 Nr. 1274325 2-cam.$1,000
14945-90mm Angenieux f2,8 Nr. 1284827 2-cam.$900
15050mm Summicron-R f2 Nr. 2352495 Series 6, 3-cam.$300
15160mm Macro-Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 2829930 Series 8 3-cam.Not Sold
152Leicaflex Standard Nr. 1171338 with 50mm Summicron-R f2 Nr. 2224170.$280
153Leicaflex SL 1972 Olympics Nr. 1336710/565.Not Sold
154Leicaflex SL Mot Nr. 1335050 Black with Leicaflex Motor Nr. 4420 with box and handgrip #14181.Not Sold
155Leicaflex SL Nr. 1237058 with body cap.Not Sold
156Leicaflex SL Nr. 1242633 with body cap.Not Sold
157Leicaflex SL Nr. 1335080 Black Chrome.Not Sold
158Leicaflex SL2 Mot Nr. 1391877 with Leicaflex Motor Nr. 3651 and Hand Grip.Not Sold
159Leicaflex SL2 Mot Nr. 1441439 with Leicaflex Motor Nr. 1921 and Hand Grip.Not Sold
160Leicaflex SL2 Nr. 1388048 Black.$400
161Leicaflex SL2 Nr. 1423454 Black.Not Sold
162Leica R6.2 Black Nr. 1913404.$400
16315mm Voigtländer Super Wide Heliar ASPH f4,5 Nr. 9941666 with 15mm Voigtländer Viewfinder, M adapter and caps.Not Sold
16421mm Super-Angulon f4 Nr. 1676605 with 90mm M Adapter #14098 in plastic case.Not Sold
16528mm Hektor f6,3 Nr. 336218 Chrome with caps and box.$440
16628mm Hektor f6,3 Nr. 357188 Chrome.$360
16728mm Summaron f5,6 Nr. 1412545.$700
16828mm Summaron f5,6 Nr. 1537254.$600
16935mm Summaron f2,8 Nr. 1665075.$700
17035mm Summaron f3,5 Nr. 765632.$190
17150mm Nikkor f1,4 Nr. 386964.$300
17250mm Elmar f3,5 Chrome Nr. 78128.Not Sold
17350mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 1003192 with front cap.$190
17450mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 634987 Chrome, Meters scale, with Diaphragm Adapter VALOO.$120
17550mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 730566.Not Sold
17650mm Elmar f3,5. Nr. 121015 Nickel early pin-release.$150
17750mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1266907 Collapsible.$280
17850mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1302883 Collapsible.$330
17950mm Summitar f2 Nr. 796245.$140
18065mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 1720248 Chrome with OTZFO Adapter, OUBIO Adapter and front cap.$300
18190mm Parallel Elmar f4 Nr. 1913942, 3-element version.$1,000
18290mm Parallel Elmar f4 Nr. 1920936, 3-element version.$2,500
183WithdrawnNot Sold
18490mm Elmar f4 Nr. 675716, unusual all chrome version.$200
18590mm Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 1685645.Not Sold
186105mm Elmar f6,3 Nr. 136066.Not Sold
187WithdrawnNot Sold
188200mm Telyt f4 Nr. 1830432.$140
189280mm Telyt f4,8 Nr. 1900602.$200
190Leica II Nr. 241532 Chrome.Not Sold
191Leica II Nr. 82505 Black and Nickel.$220
192Leica II Nr. 97194 Black and Nickel with nickel 50mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 126239.Not Sold
193Leica IIf Nr. 650039 Red Dial with 35mm Summaron f3,5 Nr. 1106368.$390
194Leica III Nr. 149802 Black and Nickel, “USN-ORI A-3258” markings on top corner, with 50mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 232648.$750
195Leica IIIa Nr. 291748.$170
196WithdrawnNot Sold
197Leica IIIc Nr. 471775 Sharkskin with body cap.$110
198Leica IIIc Nr. 481735 Sharkskin with 50mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 275859.$280
199Leica IIIf Nr. 793145 with 50mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 672276.$360
200Leica IIIg Nr. 943441 with body cap.Not Sold
201Single Exposure OLIGO with IBSOR shutter Nr. 379354.Not Sold
20221mm Super-Angulon f4 Nr. 1673086 Chrome.$650
20321mm Super-Angulon f4 Nr. 2057839 Chrome.$1,000
20421mm Super-Angulon f3,4 Nr. 2372647 Black.$1,000
20521mm Super-Angulon f3,4 Nr. 2522656 Black.$1,200
20628mm Elmarit-M f2,8 Nr. 3190289 E49 6-bit coded.$800
20735mm Summarit-M f2,5 Nr. 4052003 6-bit coded.Not Sold
20835mm Summaron-RF f2,8 Nr. 1664561.$330
20935mm Summaron-RF f2,8 Nr. 1664068.$440
21035mm Summaron-RF f2,8 Nr. 1810116.$400
21135mm Summaron-RF f3,5 Nr. 1487919.$320
21235mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2317372 Black.$1,100
21335mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 2483774 Black.$1,000
21435mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 3578788 Black 6-bit coded.$1,400
21535mm Summicron-RF f2 Nr. 1654839 Chrome.$700
21635mm Summicron-RF f2 Nr. 2313846 Wetzlar Chrome.$1,100
21750mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2339985 Wetzlar.$750
21850mm Dual-Range Summicron f2 Nr. 1593589.$600
21950mm Dual-Range Summicron f2 Nr. 1599283.$750
22050mm Dual-Range Summicron f2 Nr. 1751985.$440
22150mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 1146308 and lens hood ITOOY.$220
22250mm Elmar f2,8 Nr. 1638275.$390
22350mm Summarit f1,5 Nr. 1099992.$260
22450mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2408552 Black.Not Sold
22550mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2454736 Black.$800
22650mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 3262391 Canada.Not Sold
22750mm Summilux f1,4 Nr. 2418791 Black.$1,250
22890mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1386552.$110
22990mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2499906 E-48 Black.$400
23090mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2333170 E-48 Black.$550
23190mm “Fat” Tele-Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 2491024.$650
232135mm Elmarit-RF f2,8 Nr. 2325931.Not Sold
233135mm Elmarit-M f2,8 Nr. 3486952.$300
234135mm Tele-Elmar f4 Nr. 2206592 Black.$250
235135mm Tele-Elmar f4 Nr. 2383927 Black.$200
236180mm Tele-Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 2082504.Not Sold
237Leica M1 Nr. 1050360.$260
238Leica M2 Nr. 930044 beautifully refinished in Black Enamel.$1,000
239Leica M2 Nr. 960684 Button-Rewind.$360
240Leica M2 Nr. 995623 with body cap.$500
241Leica M3 Nr. 784568 Double-Stroke.$400
242Leica M3 Nr. 853978 Double-Stroke.$350
243Leica M3 Nr. 855511 Double-Stroke.$600
244Leica M3 Nr. 872512 Single-Stroke.Not Sold
245Leica M3 Nr. 898901 Single-Stroke with MR-4 Nr. 78929.$400
246Leica M3 Nr. 1010251 Single-Stroke.$550
247Leica M3 Nr. 1014998 Single-Stroke.$450
248Leica M3 Nr. 1055892 Single-Stroke.$1,100
249Leica M2-R Nr. 1248286.Not Sold
250Leica M4 Nr. 1180992.$950
251Leica M4 Canada Nr. 1382462 Black Chrome.Not Sold
252Leica M4 Nr. 1230794.$750
253Leica M4 Nr. 1381881 Black Chrome.$1,650
254Leica M4 Nr. 1381900 Black Chrome.$1,800
255Leica M5 Nr. 1356354 Chrome 3-lug.Not Sold
256Leica M6 Titanium Nr. 1914241, with box.Not Sold
257Leica M6 Titanium Nr. 1930843.$1,250
258400mm Olympus-Pen F f6,3 Nr. 100088.Not Sold
259800mm Olympus-Pen F f8 Mirror-T Nr. 100104.Not Sold
260Leica IIIc Nr. 390549K Grey with 50mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 583696.Not Sold
26133mm Stereo Stemar f3,5 Nr. 1124011 Screw-Mount with M Adapter.Not Sold
26235mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1998624 Black Chrome.Not Sold
26335mm Summilux-RF f1,4 Nr. 2061372 Chrome.$2,850
26435mm Summilux-RF f1,4 Nr. 1765556 Chrome.$3,800
26535mm Summilux-RF f1,4 Nr. 2680179 Black.Not Sold
26650mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1944943 Black Enamel.Not Sold
26750mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1954634 Black Enamel.Not Sold
26850mm Summilux f1,4 Nr. 1703939 Black Enamel.Not Sold
26950mm Summilux f1,4 Nr. 2039905 Black Enamel.Not Sold
270Leica M2S Black Enamel Nr. 1093699.$11,000
271Leica M3 Black Enamel Nr. 1059886 Single-Stroke.Not Sold
272Leica M3 Black Enamel Nr. 1038968 Single-Stroke.Not Sold
273Leica M3 Black Enamel Nr. 1097777.$11,000
274Leica M4-2 Safari Prototype Outfit Nr. 1531391, with 35mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 3018525 Safari and 50mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 2985829 Safari.$22,000
275Leica MP Hammertone Grey Nr. 3001057 LHSA 1968-2003 with 35mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 3962850.$7,500
276Leica M9 Titanium “Walter Maria de’Silva Design” with 35mm Summilux-M f1,4 ASPH Nr. 4107994 Titanium.Not Sold
277Leica M4 KE-7A Nr. 1294545 Military version with 50mm Elcan f2 Nr. 2760196.$12,500
278Bust of Oskar Barnack, by Hermann Lickfeld (1898-1941).$8,000
279Leica MP-179 with 50mm Dual-Range Summicron-M f2 Nr. 1466877 with exceptional provenance.$49,500