May 2014

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Lot #NameSales Price
1Ikoflex I (850/16) Nr. Y9882.Not Sold
2Minox “”Leica M3″” 4MP Digital R$150.00
3Minox BL Nr. 1212839 Black. Few$200.00
4Minox LX Nr. 2510542.$150.00
5Minox AX Black Nr. AX-S 152.$480.00
6Minox Riga Nr. 11486.Not Sold
7Minox Riga Nr. 09982.$600.00
8Minox C Silver Nr. 2327480. MinoNot Sold
9Minox LX Gold Limited Edition Nr.Not Sold
10Canon 7 Nr. 808504 with 50mm C$260.00
11Canon 7 Nr. 837949 with 50mm C$1,800.00
12Rolleiflex Projector Nr. 205341.Not Sold
13Rolleiflex 2.8E Nr. 1648078 with 8$400.00
14Rollieflex 3.5F Planar Nr. 2293865$440.00
15Tele-Rolleiflex Nr. 2300989 with 1$500.00
1640mm Alpa Kilfitt Makro-Kilar E f3$120.00
17100mm Apochromat Kinoptik Pari$2,750.00
18135mm Alpa-Tele-Xenar f,5 Nr. 11$110.00
19150mm Kinoptik Paris Apochroma$1,500.00
20Zeiss Contax I Nr. V36687 with 50Not Sold
21Zeiss Contax III Nr. C87364 MilitarNot Sold
2235mm Stereotar C f3,5 Nr. St1539$1,200.00
23WITHDRAWN – Spirotechnique CalNot Sold
24Voigtländer Ultramatic CS outfit wNot Sold
25Spiegelraumglas II Reflecting SterNot Sold
26Thornton & Pickard 4×5 Time and$500.00
27Newton & Co. Opticians Lantern P$500.00
28Contax T2 60 Year Gold Limited Ed$300.00
29WITHDRAWIN – Leica Colored WinNot Sold
30Leica 8×20 Trinovid Edition Brass$500.00
31E. Leitz Wetzlar 8×32 Trinovid “Cu$1,000.00
32Leica 8×20 BC Trinovid Titanium C$240.00
33“Leica Bear” by Steiff. The classic$550.00
34Leitz Glass Oil Bottle with stopper,$200.00
35Nikon Variframe Universal ViewfinNot Sold
36Nikon Variframe Universal ViewfinNot Sold
3735mm Nikon f2,5 Lens Hood.Not Sold
38Nikon Wire Release with box.Not Sold
39Nikon Panorama Head in leather c$240.00
40Nikon Rangefinder Close-Up DevicNot Sold
41Nikon S3/SP Exposure Meter Nr. 9Not Sold
42Nikon Rangefinder Body Cap. MinNot Sold
43Nikon Rangefinder Body Cap.Not Sold
44Nikon SP Viewfinder Illuminator w$2,250.00
45Nikon Meter Holder.Not Sold
46Nikon Rangefinder Copy Stand Nr.Not Sold
471000mm Reflex-Nikkor-C f11 Nr. 1$500.00
4835mm Nikon Nikkor f2,5 Nr. 2439Not Sold
4928mm Nikon f3,5 Nr. 716057 Blac$500.00
5028mm Nikkor f3,5 Nr. 348479 Chr$350.00
5135mm Nikkor f2,5 Nr. 263049 Blac$300.00
5235mm Nikkor f2,5 Nr. 254847 Chr$200.00
5350mm Micro-Nikkor f3,5 Nr. 5236$2,500.00
54105mm Nikkor f2,5 Nr. 818066 Bl$220.00
55Nikon S3 Year 2000 Edition Nr. 20$1,700.00
56Nikon S4 Nr. 6304498. Slight tripo$750.00
57Nikon SP Nr. 6200482 with 50mmNot Sold
58Nikon SP Nr. 6202636 Black with 5Not Sold
59Nikon SP Black Nr. 6206854 with 2Not Sold
60Self-Timer Accessory APDOO withNot Sold
61Early Aperture Setting Device VAL$80.00
62Leica Meter MR-4 Nr. 81500 BlackNot Sold
63Leica MR-4 Meter Nr. 45753 BlackNot Sold
64Leica Motor M Nr. 88600 (#14408$200.00
65Leica Motor M Nr. 00834 (#14408Not Sold
66Leicavit Chrome SYOOM in box.$440.00
67Special A36 Front Cap WICAP with$440.00
6850mm Noctilux-M f1 Lens Hood #Not Sold
6928mm Hektor Lens Hood SOOHN.Not Sold
7028mm Hektor Lens Hood SOOHN.$260.00
7128mm Lens Hood SOOHN.Not Sold
7235mm Elmar Lens Hood FLQOO Bl$50.00
7350-90-135mm Elmar Lens Hood FINot Sold
7435mm Summaron-Elmar FOOKH C$75.00
7521mm Super-Angulon f4 Lens Hoo$260.00
76Fake 50mm Elmar Lens Hood FISONot Sold
7750mm FISON Hood, Type I for LeicNot Sold
7850mm FISON Hood, Type I for LeicNot Sold
7950mm FISON Hood, Type II for LeiNot Sold
8035mm Elmar Hood FLQOO Black.$100.00
8135/50mm Summaron/SummicronNot Sold
8235/50mm Summaron/SummicronNot Sold
8350mm Elmar Hood FISON ChromeNot Sold
8435mm Summaron-Elmar Lens HooNot Sold
8535mm Summaron-Elmar Lens HooNot Sold
8650mm Elmar Hood FISON Chrome$100.00
8750-90-135mm FIKUS Lens Hood inNot Sold
8850-90-135mm FIKUS Lens Hood in$150.00
8928mm Summaron Lens Hood SOONot Sold
9021mm Super-Angulon-R f4 Lens HNot Sold
9150mm Summitar f2 Lens Hood SONot Sold
9250mm Summilux f1,4 Lens Hood X$110.00
93Leica 250 Reporter Ever Ready cas$1,650.00
94Leica Military IIIc Grey Ever Ready$250.00
95Leica Wrist Strap TROOV.$115.00
96Three ABLON Film Trimming Tem$160.00
97Angle-Bracket FIAVI.Not Sold
98Spirit Level DOOLU Chrome.$75.00
99Panorama Head FARUX outfit with$130.00
100Two Leica 250 Reporter Film Case$200.00
101Aperture Setting and Lens Hood VNot Sold
102Small Leica “”Purse”” Accessory CNot Sold
103Small Tripod Head FIAKU 3/8″” ChNot Sold
104Leica IIIf Waterproof Case MBROONot Sold
105Leica 250 Reporter film trimming t$1,950.00
106Leica IIIc Grey Ever Ready Case for$250.00
107Short mount COOTL for 90mm Th$3,250.00
108Three ZDOOG Quick Tripod Releas$550.00
109Electromagnetic Release AMTOONot Sold
110Developing Tank FIMAN complete$1,000.00
11190mm Albada Finder SEVUE, Feet$130.00
112135mm Bright-Line finder SHOOC,Not Sold
11316-18-21mm Universal Wide AnglNot Sold
11421mm Bright-Line Viewfinder BlacNot Sold
11521mm Bright-Line Viewfinder #12$220.00
11621mm Bright-Line Viewfinder SBK$200.00
11728mm Collapsible Albada Finder S$200.00
11828mm Collapsible Albada Finder S$220.00
11928mm Bright-Line Viewfinder SLO$330.00
12028mm Bright-Line Viewfinder SLO$280.00
12128mm Bright-Line Viewfinder SLO$250.00
12233mm Stemar Viewfinder OIDYO.Not Sold
12350mm Bright-Line finder SBOOI.Not Sold
12450mm Special Viewfinder SUWOO$1,650.00
12550mm Bright-Line Viewfinder SBONot Sold
12685mm Bright-Line Summarex Vie$330.00
12790mm Albada Finder SEROO Colla$100.00
12890mm Macro-Adapter-M f4 #1440Not Sold
12990mm Bright-Line Viewfinder SGV$100.00
13050mm Waist Level Finder AUFSU.$150.00
13150mm Waist Level Finder AUFSU.Not Sold
13235-50mm Waist Level Finder AYO$350.00
13390mm Collapsible Viewfinder SERNot Sold
134135mm Collapsible Viewfinder SO$150.00
135Leica Copying & Reproduction Acc$500.00
136Leica PLOOT Reflex Housing Black.Not Sold
137Leica “”OMAG”” Tri-Color-Filter fo$770.00
138Leica “”OMAG”” Colour Filter outfi$440.00
139Close up attachment for Leica IIIgNot Sold
140Long-Base Rangefinder FODIS BlacNot Sold
141Short-Base Rangefinder FOKOS ChNot Sold
142Short-Base Rangefinder FOKOS ChNot Sold
143Short-Base Rangefinder HFOOK CNot Sold
144Short-Base Rangefinder HFOOK Bl$150.00
145Short-Base Rangefinder HFOOK BlNot Sold
146Imarect Universal Finder Black anNot Sold
147Universal Finder VIDOM Chrome iNot Sold
148Imarect Universal Finder Black anNot Sold
149Imarect Universal Finder with “”blNot Sold
150Micro-Ibso Shutter MIKAS.Not Sold
151Near Focus Accessory SDPOO forNot Sold
152Close-Up Accessory NOOKY-HESUNot Sold
153Right-Angle Finder WINTU Black.$50.00
154Near-Focus Accessory SDPOO forNot Sold
15550mm Bright-Line Finder SBOOI.Not Sold
15690mm Bright-Line Finder SGVOO.Not Sold
157Leica Desk Negative Viewer.$400.00
158Single Exposure Device with IBSO$500.00
159Stereo Viewer OTHEO with box.$500.00
160Stereoly VORSA for Leica II Nr. 162Not Sold
161Stereoly VORSA for Leica Standard$400.00
162Leica Stereoly VORSA Nr. 1262 in l$300.00
163135mm Collapsible Viewfinder SY$120.00
164Viewing Stand VOTIV for use with$800.00
165Universal Finder VIDOM Nickel an$100.00
166Universal Finder VIDOM Chrome.$50.00
167“Torpedo” Finder VISOR with 35,$100.00
168“Torpedo” Finder VISOR with 35,Not Sold
169Film Viewer VOTRA in Case with S$1,000.00
170Negative Viewer VOTRA with case.Not Sold
171M Universal Polarizing Filter #133$100.00
172Visoflex II Screw-mount with 5x V$100.00
1731.4x APO Extender-R Nr. 3377605Not Sold
17415mm Super-Elmar-R f3,5 Nr. 321$1,500.00
17516mm Fisheye-Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 2Not Sold
17619mm Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 3040984$850.00
17719mm Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 3503931$2,250.00
17821mm Super-Angulon-R f4 Nr. 261$450.00
17921mm Super-Angulon-R f4 Nr. 248Not Sold
18024mm Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 2834174Not Sold
18124mm Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 3370632Not Sold
18228mm Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 3314511$400.00
18328mm Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 3624899$950.00
18435mm PA-Curtagon f4 Nr. 245275$330.00
18535mm Summicron-R f2 Nr. 32827$800.00
18635mm Summilux-R f1,4 Nr. 32721$1,950.00
18750mm Summicron-R f2 Nr. 27777$360.00
18850mm Summicron-R f2 Nr. 32280$360.00
18950mm Summicron-R f2 ROM Nr. 3$600.00
19050mm Summilux-R f1,4 Nr. 33860$850.00
19160mm Macro Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 28Not Sold
19280mm Summilux-R f1,4 Nr. 30557Not Sold
193100mm Macro-Elmar f4 Nr. 22800$200.00
194100mm APO-Macro-Elmarit-R f2,8$1,500.00
195180mm APO Telyt-R f3,4 Nr. 2946$550.00
196350mm Telyt-R f4,8 Nr. 3144644Not Sold
197400mm Telyt-R f6,8 Nr. 2558197Not Sold
198500mm MR-Telyt-R f8 Nr. 306810Not Sold
19921-35mm Vario-Elmar-R f3,5 ASPH$1,800.00
20028-70mm Vario Elmar-R f3,5-4,5 R$300.00
20128-70mm Vario-Elmar-R f3,5 ROM$300.00
20235-70mm Vario Elmar-R f4 Macro$650.00
20335-70mm Vario-Elmar-R f3,5 Nr. 3Not Sold
20475-200mm Vario-Elmar-R f4,5 Nr.$200.00
20580-200mm Vario-Elmar-R f4 ROM$950.00
206105-280mm Vario-Elmar-R f4,2 Nr$2,750.00
207Leica R-E Nr. 1797490 Black.Not Sold
208Leica R4S Nr. 1656254 Black.Not Sold
209Leica R5 Nr. 1664964 Chrome.Not Sold
210Leica R6.2 Black Nr. 1913404.$500.00
211Leica R7 Nr. 2240517 with MotorNot Sold
212Leicaflex SL MOT Nr. 1335050 BlacNot Sold
213Leicaflex SL 1972 “Olympics SpeciNot Sold
214Leicaflex SL Nr. 1335080 Black.Not Sold
215Leicaflex SL Nr. 1242633 with bodNot Sold
216Leicaflex SL Nr. 1256589 with bodNot Sold
217Leicaflex SL Nr. 1369749 Black Chr$360.00
218Leicaflex SL2 MOT Nr. 1441347 BlNot Sold
219Leicaflex SL2 50-Year Nr. 1418997$400.00
220Leicaflex SL2 50-Year Black Nr. 14$400.00
221Leicaflex SL2 50-Year Black Nr. 13Not Sold
22212mm Ultra Wide Heliar ASPH f5,$360.00
22315mm Voigtländer Super Wide HeNot Sold
22428mm Ultron ASPH f1,9 Nr. 92105$300.00
22528mm SOM Berthiot Paris Angulor$1,300.00
22628mm Hektor f6,3 Nr. 790722.$520.00
22728mm Hektor f6,3 Nr. 273006 wit$300.00
22828mm Hektor f6,3 Chrome Nr. 33$440.00
22935mm Elmar f3,5 Chrome withoutNot Sold
23035mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 400105 with$240.00
23135mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 439455 with$220.00
23235mm Summaron f3,5 Nr. 973303$240.00
23335mm Summaron f3,5 Nr. 100580$260.00
2342″” Taylor Taylor Hobson Cooke A$360.00
23550mm Elmar f2,8 Nr. 1618141.$200.00
23650mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 1427647 Red$310.00
23750mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 730566.$150.00
23850mm Elmar f3,5 Chrome Nr. 781Not Sold
23950mm Elmar f3,5 Screwmount Nr.Not Sold
24050mm Elmar f3,5 Nickel without s$220.00
24150mm Summar f2 Nr. 442941.$170.00
24250mm Summar f2 Nr. 167151 witNot Sold
24350mm Summicron f2 Nr. 993117$600.00
24450mm Summicron f2 Nr. 994585$400.00
24550mm Xenon f1,5 Nr. 376344 with$300.00
24660mm Zeiss Sonnar Jena f1,5 Nr. 2$360.00
24773mm Hektor f1,9 Nr. 129104 Bla$1,500.00
24890mm Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 1685645.Not Sold
249135mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1902830 withNot Sold
25090mm “”Parallel”” Elmar f4 Nr. 19$1,000.00
25190mm “”Parallel”” Elmar f4 Nr. 19Not Sold
25290mm Elmar f4 Nr. 646679, unusuNot Sold
25390mm Elmar f4 Nr. 675716, unusuNot Sold
254105mm Elmar f6,3 Nr. 251492 Bla$1,000.00
255105mm Elmar f6,3 Nr. 136066. NiNot Sold
256125mm Hektor f2,5 Nr. 1223101Not Sold
257127mm Wollensak f4,5 Nr. 46401Not Sold
258135mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1892269. InNot Sold
259135mm Elmar f4,5 Nr. 305 made fNot Sold
260135mm Elmar f4,5 Nr. 456 for theNot Sold
261135mm Elmar f4,5 Nr. 419 for theNot Sold
262135mm Elmar f4,5 Nr. 380 for theNot Sold
263135mm Elmar f4,5 Nr. 582 for theNot Sold
264135mm Hektor f4,5 Nr. 984892 wiNot Sold
265135mm Hektor f4,5 Nr. 1717229 iNot Sold
266135mm Nikkor-Q f3,5 Nr. 273977 iNot Sold
267200mm Telyt f4 Nr. 2176372 with$250.00
268200mm Telyt f4,5 Nr. 898702 caps$170.00
269400mm Old Delft Fototel f5 Mirro$800.00
270Leica A Elmax Nr. 597. The 467th$3,750.00
271Leica A Nr. 34368 with 50mm Elm$800.00
272Leica A/II Conversion Nr. 15683 BlNot Sold
273Leica B Rimset Compur Nr. 5726, c$2,000.00
274Leica III Nr. 114371 Black and NickNot Sold
275Leica III Black and Nickel Nr. 1918$300.00
276Leica IIIb Nr. 289164 Chrome.$150.00
277Leica IIf Nr. 678775 Red Dial.Not Sold
278Leica IIf Nr. 787519 Red Dial.Not Sold
279Leica IIIf Nr. 528275 Red Dial with$520.00
280Leica IIIc Nr. 395949 War-Time.$160.00
281Leica IIIc Nr. 366709 War-Time wit$120.00
282Leica IIIc/IIIf Nr. 486023 Black DialNot Sold
283Leica If Nr. 575446 with 50mm ElNot Sold
284Leica If Nr. 576459 Red Dial. ShutNot Sold
285Leica II Nr. 73820 Black and Nickel$280.00
286Leica II Nr. 97194 Black and NickelNot Sold
287Leica II Nr. 100366 Black and Nick$1,000.00
288Leica IIIg Nr. 943441 with body caNot Sold
289Single Exposure Outfit OLIGO withNot Sold
29016-18-21mm Tri Elmar-M f4 ASPH$3,250.00
29128mm Elmarit-M f2,8 70-Year Ann$1,000.00
29228mm Elmarit-M ASPH E39 f2,8 N$1,100.00
29328mm Elmarit-M f2,8 Nr. 3190289Not Sold
29435mm Summaron f3,5 Nr. 117725$220.00
29535mm Summarit-M f2,5 Nr. 40520Not Sold
29635mm Summaron-RF f2,8 Nr. 167$440.00
29735mm Summicron-RF f2 Nr. 1686$1,200.00
29835mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 35787$1,500.00
29935mm Summilux-RF f1,4 Nr. 2221$1,800.00
30050mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 1183558 Me$170.00
30150mm Summicron f2 Collapsible$360.00
30250mm Dual-Range Summicron f2$600.00
30350mm Dual-Range Summicron f2$850.00
30450mm Summarit-M f1,5 Nr. 14715$600.00
30550mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 33040Not Sold
30650mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 38993Not Sold
30750mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 29166Not Sold
30850mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 32623Not Sold
30950mm Summilux-M f1,4 Nr. 3902Not Sold
31050mm Summilux f1,4 Nr. 2568807Not Sold
31190mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1213873 withNot Sold
31290mm Elmar-M f4 Nr. 1913405.$480.00
31390mm Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 1692590 CNot Sold
31490mm Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 1761638 CNot Sold
31590mm Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 1919813 C$200.00
31690mm Macro-Elmar-M f4 Nr. 397$2,400.00
31790mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2413673$280.00
31890mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2624807Not Sold
31990mm Tele-Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 26958$440.00
32090mm Tele-Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 29688$330.00
32190mm Tele-Elmarit-M f2,8 Nr. 331$480.00
32290mm Tele-Elmarit-M f2,8 Nr. 309$480.00
323135mm Elmarit-M f2,8 Nr. 348695Not Sold
324135mm Elmarit-M f2,8 Nr. 337572Not Sold
325135mm Elmarit-RF f2,8 Nr. 21520Not Sold
326135mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1881232.Not Sold
327135mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1891456 withNot Sold
328135mm Tele-Elmar f4 Nr. 2083244$280.00
329180mm Tele-Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 2082$2,500.00
330180mm Tele-Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 2082Not Sold
331280mm Telyt f4,8 Nr. 2341458 witNot Sold
332Leitz Minolta CL Nr. 1024907 with$400.00
333Leica CL Nr. 1305595 with 40mm$550.00
334Leica MDa Nr. 1410484.Not Sold
335Leica MDa Nr. 1285261 with speci$750.00
336Leica MD-2 Nr. 1502880 Black.$400.00
337Leica M2 Nr. 936528 Button-Rewi$440.00
338Leica M2 Nr. 948929 Button-Rewi$2,100.00
339Leica M2 Nr. 1020465 Button-Rew$850.00
340Leica M2S Nr. 1068188 Chrome.$500.00
341Leica M2S Nr. 1143995, refinished$1,200.00
342Leica M2-R Nr. 1248286 ChromeNot Sold
343Leica M3 Nr. 1056683, Single-StroNot Sold
344Leica M3 Nr. 806135 Double-Strok$750.00
345Leica M3 Nr. 1140654 Single-Strok$1,000.00
346Leica M4 Nr. 1233889 with extra b$650.00
347Leica M4 Nr. 1273575.Not Sold
348Leica M4-P Chrome Nr. 1619781 7$1,000.00
349Leica M4-P Nr. 1643115 Chrome$900.00
350Leica M5 Nr. 1294334 2-lug with oNot Sold
351Leica M5 Nr. 1356354 Chrome 3-lNot Sold
352Leica M5 Nr. 1363092 Black 3-lug.Not Sold
353Leica M6 TTL .85 Nr. 2731494 Blac$1,000.00
354Leica M6 Titanium Nr. 2418209 wiNot Sold
355Leica M6 Titanium Nr. 1930843 inNot Sold
356Leica M6 Titanium Nr. 2184437 wiNot Sold
357Leica M6 Titanium Nr. 1936326 wi$1,000.00
358Leica M6 Titanium Nr. 1914241, wNot Sold
359Leica M7 Nr. 2778109 Black withNot Sold
360Leica MP a la Carte Nr. 3008802 .7Not Sold
361Leica M8 Nr. 3200323 Black, with$1,650.00
36250mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1887152$1,500.00
36335mm Summilux-M f1,4 Nr. 3460$9,500.00
36450mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1954634Not Sold
36550mm Summilux f1,4 Nr. 1644678$13,500.00
36635mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2274273$15,000.00
36750mm Summilux f1,4 Nr. 1789964$6,500.00
368Early Leica Metal Dealer’s Sign. Ex$2,750.00
36950mm Noctilux f1,2 Nr. 2247790$14,000.00
370Leica IIIc Nr. 390549K Grey with 5Not Sold
371Leica M2S Nr. 1093699 Black. A fiNot Sold
372Nikon Reflex Housing Type II Nr. 3$3,800.00
373Nikon SP Nr. 6212198 Black with 2$8,500.00
374Leica M7 “”50 Year M System”” Nr$12,500.00
375Leica M9-P Edition Hèrmes Nr. 43$25,000.00
376Leica M4-2 Safari Prototype OutfitNot Sold
377Leica 72 18×24 Nr. 357416 MidlanNot Sold