December 2013

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Lot #NameSales Price
1Brooks-Plaubel Veriwide 100 Nr. 59/194 with ever ready case and slightly torn box.$1,000.00
2Zeiss Trona 210/15 with case Nr. 1703/5.Unsold
3Kennedy Instruments KI (Ilford) Monobar Type U, including instructions.$1,000.00
4Shackman Instrument Recording Camera with 2” Wray f1 lens.$450.00
5Rolleiflex 3.5F Nr. 2280990.$540.00
6Rolleiflex MX Type II Nr. 1274806 with case.$150.00
7Rolleiflex 3.5F (Model 4) Nr. 2807411 outfit.$1,100.00
8Spirotechnique Calypso, Model I Nr. 6274 with 35mm Berthiot-Flor.$1,700.00
9Zeiss Contax 28 Tessar Jena f8 Nr. 2391246 with unusual engraving.$750.00
10Zeiss Contax I Nr. V36687 with 50mm Tessar f3,5 Nr. 1376594 and ever readycase marked “1777/2.”Unsold
11Zeiss Contax III Nr. C87364 Military with 50mm Sonnar f2 Nr. 2357686Unsold
12Nikon Plastic Lens Hood for 50mm Nikkor f1,1 in its original case.$2,780.00
13Nikon Reflex Housing Nr. 371188 with vertical finder, caps, two cables and very rare box. Rare.$2,200.00
14Nikon Reflex Housing Nr. 371169 with caps three cablesUnsold
15350mm Nikkor-T f4,5 Nr. 354699 for Nikon rangefinder. With N-F tube.Unsold
1635mm Nikkor f3,5 Nr. 439104 Black with cracked front cap, case and worn box.$350.00
1750mm Nikkor f1,1 Nr. 121111 External mount, in beautiful condition.With 62mm Nikon L38 filter.$4,500.00
18Nikon F Nr. 6943964 with Standard Prism and 50mm Nikkor f2 Nr. 426643 non-AI.$250.00
19Nikon F3T Nr. T8511074 with box.$400.00
20Nikon S4 Nr. 6304498.Unsold
21Nikon SP Nr. 6200482 with 50mm Nikkor f1,4 Nr. 372555, non-working Nikon S3/SPUnsold
22Benser Base Plate for carrying two Leica M lenses.$80.00
23Bracket FIAVI with early nickel Panoramic head FIAMA.$117.00
24Bracket FIAVI with early nickel Panoramic Head FIAMA engraved Ernst Leitz Wetzlar.$525.00
25Early Quick Tripod Release SDOOG Nickel.$480.00
26Leica R to Leica M Adapter #22228.$220.00
27Leicavit Rapid Winder SYOOM.$360.00
28Lens Revolver for Leica M OROLF.$2,420.00
29Mouth Lens Release MUQOO.$80.00
30MR-4 Light Meter Black Enamel, re-finished, Nr. 96351.$100.00
31MR-4 Light Meter Nr. 17020 Chrome.$50.00
32Remote Release OOFRC. Rare early Leica accessory for studio and nature photography.$2,320.00
33Slow-Speed Device HEBOO Black & Nickel.$150.00
34Table Top Tripod #14100 with Small Ball Head #14119.$110.00
35Table Tripod TOOSF Black & Nickel. Uncommon.$900.00
36Aperture-Setting Accessory VALOO.$50.00
3721mm Super-Angulon f4 Lens Hood IWKOO.$240.00
3828mm Hektor f6,3 Lens Hood SOOHN.$240.00
3928mm Summaron Hood SBOOK.$350.00
4035/50mm Summicron/Summaron Lens Hood IROOA.$120.00
4135/50mm Summicron/Summaron Lens Hood ITDOO.$70.00
4235/50mm Summicron/Summilux Lens Hood #12504 with filter.$150.00
4335mm Summaron-Elmar lens hood FOOKH.$80.00
4435mm Summilux f1,4 Lens Hood OLLUX.$700.00
4550mm Elmar Lens Hood FISON Black with clip-shoe.$110.00
4650mm Elmar Lens Hood FISON Black without clip-shoe.$180.00
4750mm Elmar Lens Hood FISON Chrome in box.$80.00
4850mm Elmar Lens Hood ITOOY.$60.00
4950mm Elmar Lens Hood FISON Chrome.$60.00
5050mm Summar f2 Lens Hood SOOMP, marked E. Leitz New York.$90.00
5150mm Summarit Lens Hood XOONS.$170.00
5250mm Summilux f1,4 Lens Hood XOOIM.$110.00
5390/135mm Lens Hood IUFOO and 50mm Summicron Hood #12538.$60.00
54“Torpedo” Universal Finder Black 35-50-90-135mm VISET.$220.00
55135mm Bright-Line Finder SHOOC with box. Feet & Meters scales.$80.00
56200mm Sports Finder SFTOO, marked 20 cm.$60.00
57200mm Sports Finder SFTOO, marked 20 cm.$40.00
5821mm Bright-Line Finder SBKOO Black.$250.00
5921mm Bright-Line Finder SBKOO Chrome.$220.00
6028mm Bright-Line Finder #12017.$150.00
6121mm Bright-Line Finder SBKOO Chrome. Tiny crack in front corner window.Unsold
6228mm Bright-Line Finder SLOOZ Black.$280.00
6328mm Bright-Line Finder SLOOZ Chrome marked “2,8cm” in box.Unsold
6428mm Bright-Line Finder SLOOZ Chrome. Rubber ring on eyepiece missing.$160.00
6535/50mm Waist-Level Finder AYOOC.$660.00
6635mm Bright-Line Finder SBLOO.$220.00
6735mm Bright-Line Finder SBLOO, engraved 35mm.$320.00
6835mm Elmar Lens Hood FLQOO Black.$190.00
6935mm Special Viewfinder WEISU Black, first version. Engraved E. Leitz Germany.$760.00
7050mm Bright-Line Finder SBOOI.$110.00
7150mm Bright-Line Finder SBOOI.$90.00
7250mm Special Viewfinder SUWOO Black & Nickel. Very rare.$2,200.00
7350mm Summicron Close-Up Accessory #16507$100.00
7450mm Waist-Level Finder AUFSU.$170.00
7585mm Bright-Line Finder SGOOD. Feet scale.$280.00
7690mm Bright-Line Finder SGVOO. Feet scale. Initials scratched on shoe bottom.$75.00
7790mm Albada Sportsfinder SEROO Collapsible. Meters scale.$110.00
78Framefinder ROSOL 35-50-90-135mm.$50.00
79Imarect Universal Finder VIOOH Nr. 59710 with 28mm Adapter TUVOO. Feet scale.$120.00
80Imarect Universal Finder without serial number, Meter scale. 35-50-73-90-135mm markings.$150.00
81Long-Base Rangefinder FODIS Nr. 7352 with case.$110.00
829×12 Microscope Device MAKAM with Micro-Ibso, IBSOR Shutter and film holders$320.00
83Right-Angle Finder WINKO.$40.00
84Right-Angle Finder WINKO with short accessory shoe.$30.00
85Right-Angle Finder WINTU Black.$40.00
86Right-Angle Finder WINTU Chrome.$40.00
87Short-Base Rangefinder HFOOK Black & Chrome, Feet scale, without shoe.$50.00
88Short-Base Rangefinder HFOOK Black & Nickel, Feet scale.$140.00
89Single Exposure Device OLIGO with focusing glass, film holder, and largeIBSOR shutter Nr. 379354.Unsold
90Stereoly Stereo Device VORSA Nr. 1883, end of bar has scratched initials “FCK.”$220.00
91Stereoly Stereo Device VORSA Nr. 1910 in case. Engraved with “E. Leitz Wetzlar”but without logo.$300.00
92Tewe Universal Finder Nr. 04781.$50.00
93Universal Finder VIDOM Black with black “nose” and flat front. Feet scale.$160.00
94Universal Finder VIDOM Chrome. Feet scale.$60.00
9535-70mm Angenieux f2,5 Nr. 1481924.$700.00
9635mm Elmarit-R f2,8 Nr. 1995214 Chrome 2-cam with lens hood.$1,100.00
9750mm Summilux-R f1,4 ROM Nr. 3820759 E60 (Cat. 11344 )$3,600.00
98280mm APO-Telyt-R f2,8 Nr. 3280514 in fitted metal case with caps and built-in lens hood.$2,200.00
99400mm Telyt f5,6 Nr. 2226926 [Mint], 560mm Telyt f5,6 Nr. 2261375 [Mint],$860.00
100Leicaflex SL Nr. 1256589 with body cap.Unsold
101Leicaflex SL Nr. 1369749 Black Chrome with box.Unsold
102Leicaflex SL2 Nr. 1386742 Chrome.$400.00
103Leicaflex SL2 Nr. 1393549/156-E 50-Year Anniversary Black Chromewith 50mm Summicron-R f2 NUnsold
104Leicaflex SL2 Nr. 1415503 Black with 50mm Summilux-R f1,4 Nr. 2475279 2-cam.$680.00
105Leicaflex SL 1972 Olympics Nr. 1336710/565.Unsold
106Leica R7 Nr. 2011436 Black.$260.00
10735mm Elmar f3,5 Nickel, Meter scale. Without serial number.$320.00
10835mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 439893 Chrome, with hood. Meter scale.$200.00
10935mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 580504.$180.00
11035mm Summaron f2,8 Nr. 1677799.$620.00
11135mm Summaron f3,5 Nr. 1284225.$260.00
11250mm Elmar f3,5 Nickel 11:00 version, early infinity lock, Meter scale. Without serial number.$340.00
11350mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 599329.$110.00
11450mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 1340934 Red Scale.$280.00
11550mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 1341699 Red Scale. Feet scale.$260.00
11650mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 614011, unusually refinished in Black & Chrome. Meters scale.$200.00
11750mm Hektor f2,5 Nickel with 11:00 infinity stop. Without serial number.$1,020.00
11850mm Nikkor f1,5 Nr. 907630 with caps in Leica screw-mount.$2,020.00
11950mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 534849.$140.00
12050mm Summar f2 Nr. 193311 “Black Rim,” Feet scale. Light haze.$480.00
12150mm Summar f2 Nr. 447553.$160.00
12250mm Summarit f1,5 Nr. 1053359 Canada with “Midland” engraving. Unusually pretty.$3,200.00
12350mm Summarit f1,5 Nr. 1297613.$340.00
12450mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1599743 Rigid, with matching serial number inside the mount.$2,000.00
12550mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1706947 Rigid with matching serial number inside the mount.$1,560.00
12650mm Xenon f1,5 Nr. 289853. Hazy with specks in glass.$260.00
12765mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 2952369 Black, new in box with warranty card. Still in original plastic.$560.00
12865mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 1697459 Chrome with caps.$170.00
12965mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 1843624 with #16464 Adapter & Visoflex III Reflex Housing.$400.00
13073mm Hektor f1,9 Nr. 141907 Black & Chrome with hood and caps.$880.00
13185mm Summarex f1,5 Nr. 823218 with hood.$1,100.00
13290mm “Fat” Elmar f4 Nr. 96661 Black & Nickel, Feet scale.$620.00
13390mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1285012 Chrome.$75.00
13490mm Elmar f4 Nr. 592638 Black in brown Bakelite container.$200.00
13590mm Elmar f4 Nr. 606300 Black.$50.00
13690mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1651180 E48 SEOOF.$720.00
13790mm Thambar f2,2 Nr. 416732 with hood, caps, and spot filter. Slight haze.$3,200.00
138105mm “Mountain” Elmar f6,3 Nr. 162506 Black & Chrome$660.00
139125mm Hektor f2,5 Nr. 1214050 with hood and caps.$540.00
140200mm Telyt f4 Nr. 1749448.$100.00
141200mm Telyt f4 Nr. 1851664.$100.00
142200mm Telyt f4,5 Nr. 1072017 with TZFOO adapter.$120.00
143200mm Telyt f4,5 Nr. 1501215.$50.00
144400mm Telyt f5 Nr. 1746981 with box.Unsold
145400mm Telyt f5 Nr. 982081, early version with M-tube, 400mm Sports Finder, TXBOO adapte$460.00
146400mm Telyt f5 Nr. 1366066 with adapter tube and R Adapter #12127.$420.00
147Leica Ur-Leica Replica.$300.00
148Leica A to Leica II Conversion Nr. 15683 Black and Nickel.Unsold
149Leica A Close-Focus Nr. 19197, focusing to 1.5 Feet.$840.00
150Leica A Nr. 39402 Close-Focus, focusing to 1.5 Feet.$1,100.00
151Leica B Compur Nr. 5726, converted to Leica C, with “O” ring and strap lugs.Unsold
152Leica C Nr. 49834 Non-Standard with matching 50mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 834.$1,250.00
153Leica C Nr. 61023 Black and Nickel, with body cap.$440.00
154Leica C to Leica III Conversion Nr. 63618 Black & Nickel. Sticky shutter.$100.00
155Leica Standard Nr. 101729 Black and Nickel.$250.00
156Leica Standard Nr. 193325 Black & Nickel with 50mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 175344 Nickel.$500.00
157Leica Standard Nr. 105008 Black & Nickel. Very, very pretty.$500.00
158Leica Standard Nr. 329233 Chrome with body cap.$200.00
159Leica “New-York” Standard Nr. 355094 with 50mm Wollensak f3,5 Nr. 453889$4,500.00
160Leica II Nr. 100690 Black & Nickel.$240.00
161Leica II Nr. 188624 Black and Nickel with body cap$440.00
162Leica 250 Reporter Nr. 260045 with 250 exposure cassettes. Re-finished camera body.$2,750.00
163Leica III Nr. 121612 Black & Nickel with 50mm Elmar f3,5 Nr. 133628 Nickel.$460.00
164Leica IIIa Monte en Saare Nr. 359402. Assembled in the Saar$1,240.00
165Leica IIIa Nr. 303260 with MOOLY Motor Nr. 3051 [Excellent +] and special Leica ever ready case.Unsold
166Leica IIIa Nr. 184044.$110.00
167Leica IIIa Nr. 232633 with 50mm Summar f2 Nr. 420737 and SCNOO Rapid Winder.$650.00
168Leica Ic Nr. 562499 with body cap.$350.00
169Leica If Nr. 577478.$200.00
170Leica IIf Nr. 653771 Red Dial with body cap.$180.00
171Leica IIIc Nr. 360580 Wartime with SCNOO-C Rapid Winder.$740.00
172Leica IIIc Nr. 366709 Wartime with red curtain. Vulcanite repaired front.Unsold
173Leica IIIc Nr. 373883 Wartime with red curtain.$220.00
174Leica IIIc Grey “K” Nr. 390473K with 50mm Summitar f2 Nr. 584709.$3,000.00
175Leica IIIc Nr. 395949 War-Time.Unsold
176Leica IIIc/IIIf Nr. 486023 Black Dial” Sharkskin.”Unsold
177Leica IIIf Nr. 569507 Black Dial.$100.00
178Leica IIIf Nr. 633449 Red Dial. Shutter curtain cracked.$110.00
179Leica IIIf Nr. 636101 Red Dial in red presentation case.$160.00
180Leica IIIf Nr. 684616 Red Dial Canada engraved “Ernst Leitz Canada Limited Midland Ontario.”$10,780.00
181Leica IIIf Nr. 770883 Red Dial Self Timer.$150.00
182Leica IIf Nr. 787519 Red Dial.Unsold
183Leica Ig Nr. 887682$400.00
184Leica IIIg Nr. 826134. Tripod marks.$420.00
185Leica IIIg Nr. 826859 with 50mm Elmar f2,8 Nr. 1637825, both re-finished in black.$950.00
18615mm Hologon f8 Nr. 5736344 with viewfinder, Neutral Density filter,$11,750.00
18721mm Super-Angulon f3,4 Nr. 1967557 Chrome with box & lens hood.$920.00
18821mm Super-Angulon f3,4 Nr. 2834666 Black with #12501 lens hood & box.$1,100.00
18921mm Super-Angulon f4 Nr. 1645569 Chrome with caps.$800.00
19028-35-50mm Tri-Elmar-M f4 Nr. 3812523 Chrome E55 with caps.$5,260.00
19128mm Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 2062649 Type I with lens hood, capsUnsold
19228mm Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 2885997 in box.$720.00
19328mm M-Rokkor f2,8 Nr. 1016244 with lens hood.$320.00
19435mm Summaron f3,5 Nr. 1177257 E39.$220.00
19535mm Summaron-RF f2,8 Nr. 1677972.$440.00
19635mm Summaron-RF f2,8 Nr. 1904308 with caps.$360.00
19735mm Summaron-RF f2,8 Nr. 2006368 with rear cap.$440.00
19835mm Summaron-RF f3,5 Nr. 1436850.$250.00
19935mm Summicron f2 Black Nr. 2974849 with 6-bit coding.$1,560.00
20035mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1970680 Chrome Wetzlar. Sought after 8-element version.$1,740.00
20135mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2275102 Chrome Wetzlar 8-element version.Unsold
20235mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2312808 Chrome Wetzlar. Sought after 8-element version.$1,800.00
20335mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 3018524 Chrome.$2,100.00
20435mm Summicron-RF f2 Nr. 2103847 Chrome.$1,200.00
20535mm Summilux f1,4 Nr. 1778731 Chrome with Uva filter. Made in Canada. Rare and desirable.$6,200.00
20635mm Summilux f1,4 Nr. 2392757 Black, made in Canada.$1,150.00
20735mm Summilux-M f1,4 Nr. 2992105 Black with box and lens hood. Made in Canada.$1,600.00
20835mm Summilux-M f1,4 Titanium Nr. 3538151 with case, caps, and box.$2,060.00
20935mm Summilux-M f1,4 Titanium Nr. 3599770 with hood, caps, and box.$2,100.00
21035mm Summilux-M f1,4 Titanium Nr. 3602171 with hood, filter, & rear cap.$1,900.00
21135mm Summilux-RF f1,4 Nr. 2221849 Black.Unsold
21235mm Summilux-RF f1,4 Nr. 2392504 Black Paint, with hood and caps in box.$4,500.00
21340mm Elmarit-C f2,8 Nr. 2512888. Never commercially sold, this is a rare lens indeed.$1,500.00
21440mm M-Rokkor f2 Nr. 2106554 with Minolta UV filter.$220.00
21550mm Dual-Range Summicron f2 Nr. 1586665 with lens hood IROOA & SL filter. \$600.00
21650mm Dual-Range Summicron f2 Nr. 1763069 with caps.$640.00
21750mm Dual-Range Summicron f2 Nr. 2140150. Some pitting in glass.$280.00
21850mm Dual-Range Summicron f2 Nr. 2357168, complete with box.$1,500.00
21950mm Elmar f2,8 Nr. 1820253. Feet scale.$200.00
22050mm Noctilux f1 Nr. 2854696 E58 with lens hood and box.$5,300.00
22150mm Summarit f1,5 Nr. 1276787, Meters scale.$380.00
22250mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1943518 Chrome with caps.$700.00
22350mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1303007 Collapsible with #12585 lens hood. Feet scale.$360.00
22450mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1350472 Collapsible with hood,capsUnsold
22550mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1512178.$320.00
22650mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2433309 Black Wetzlar with E39 UV filter, lens hood, and caps.$640.00
22750mm Summicron-M f2 Anniversay Nr. 3952046 “50 Years of the Summicron,”$2,500.00
22850mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 2916682 Black with 6-bit coding.Unsold
22950mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 2985826 Chrome with #12538 lens hood. Made in Canada.$1,200.00
23050mm Summicron-M f2 Nr. 3262391.Unsold
23150mm Summilux f1,4 Nr. 1759437 Chrome with caps.$1,000.00
23250mm Summilux f1,4 Nr. 2568807 Black with lens hood #12586.Unsold
23390mm “Fat” Tele-Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 2147948 Black with E. Leitz New York SL filter and caps.$420.00
23490mm “Parallel” Elmar f4 Nr. 2089599, 3-element version.$580.00
23590mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1492593 Collapsible with caps.Unsold
23690mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1310325 Collapsible.$150.00
23790mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1354405 E39 Chrome.Unsold
23890mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1386174 Collapsible with caps.Unsold
23990mm Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 1692590. Speck on front of glass.Unsold
24090mm Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 1919813 Chrome with hood.Unsold
24190mm Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 2214627 Black with #12575 lens hood.$365.00
24290mm M-Rokkor f4 Nr. 2764267, engraved “made by Leitz” and made in Germany.$200.00
24390mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1817692 E48 Chrome.$460.00
24490mm Summicron f2 Nr. 1818131 E48 Chrome.$460.00
24590mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2791907 E48 Black in box.$440.00
24690mm Tele-Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 2968888 with Leitz Canada warranty card. Minor pitting in glass.Unsold
24790mm Tele-Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 3003247 Chrome. Minor pitting on front element.$600.00
248135mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1774545 Chrome with Leitz E39 Uva filter.$200.00
249135mm Elmarit-M f2,8 Nr. 2682287 with box.$250.00
250135mm Elmarit-RF f2,8 Nr. 2152015.Unsold
251135mm Elmarit-RF f2,8 Nr. 2324941 with box.$260.00
252135mm Tele-Elmar f4 Nr. 2420218 Black with #12575 lens hood cap & container.$260.00
253180mm Tele-Elmarit f2,8 Nr. 2082582. Rare lens made for the Visoflex systemwith an M mount.$2,000.00
254280mm Telyt f4,8 Nr. 2757898. Last version with built-in adapter andM mount, in box.$280.00
255400mm Telyt-R f6,8 Nr. 2435359 with M-tube.$300.00
256560mm Telyt 6,8 Nr. 2496487 with M-tube.$340.00
257Leica CL Nr. 1305595 with 40mm Summicron-C f2 Nr. 2677552.Unsold
258Leica MD-2 Nr. 1545603 in the box.$360.00
259Leica MDa Nr. 1360559.$150.00
260Leica M2 Nr. 932972 Button Re-Wind.$300.00
261Leica M2 Nr. 936528 with body cap.Unsold
262Leica M2 Nr. 1020465 Button-Rewind, re-finished in Black Enamel, with box.Unsold
263Leica M2 Nr. 1068188.Unsold
264Leica M2 Nr. 1143259 with 50mm Summicron f2 Nr. 2181376 Chrome,Unsold
265Leica M2-M Nr. 1163908, re-finished in Black, with New York Motor Nr. 2457 [Excellent+]$3,400.00
266Leica M2-R Nr. 1248690 with box and import certificate.$2,200.00
267Leica M3 Nr. 866774 Double-Stroke.$450.00
268Leica M3 Nr. 1023998 Single-Stroke with body cap.$500.00
269Leica M3 Nr. 1129768 Single-Stroke, re-finished in Black Enamel, with box.$900.00
270Leica M3 Nr. 1158617 Single-Stroke with body cap.$800.00
271Leica M3 Nr. 911685 Single-Stroke with body cap. Slight seraration in the viewfinder.$500.00
272Leica M3 Nr. 954939 Single-Stroke.$460.00
273Leica M3 Nr. 972115 Single-Stroke with body cap.$540.00
274Leica M4 Nr. 1177132 with body cap.$750.00
275Leica M4 Nr. 1211568 Chrome. Slight strap wear.$500.00
276Leica M4 Nr. 1273103.$650.00
277Leica M4 Nr. 1381449 Black Chrome. Slight strap wear.$1,200.00
278Leica M4-2 Nr. 1530491 with M4-2 Winder Nr. 9521 with boxes.$560.00
279Leica M4-P Mt. Everest Nr. 1586481 with matching Everest Edition ’82 certificate,box and warranty card.$1,200.00
280Leica M4-P Nr. 1564309 Black.$500.00
281Leica M4-P Nr. 1619781 70-Year Anniversary Chrome.Unsold
282Leica M4-P Nr. 1619937 70-Year “1813-1983 Edition Anniversary” Chrom$1,260.00
283Leica M4-P Nr. 1643115 Chrome with box.Unsold
284Leica M4-P Nr. 1543900 with box and warranty.$600.00
285Leica M5 Nr. 1288811 Chrome 2-lug. Many fine scratches to the chrome.$300.00
286Leica M5 Nr. 1292401 Chrome 2-lug.$460.00
287Leica M5 Nr. 1292580 Chrome 2-lug.$520.00
288Leica M5 Nr. 1294334 2-lug with original box.Unsold
289Leica M5 Nr. 1351244 Black 2-lug.$400.00
290Leica M5 Nr. 1351370 Black 2-lug. Tiny crack in reflector above rangefinder window.$400.00
291Leica M5 Nr. 1362596 Chrome 3-lug with body cap.$685.00
292Leica M5 Nr. 1363092 Black 3-lug with body cap.Unsold
293Leica M6 .72 Titanium Nr. 1914027. Brand new in sealed box with warranty.Unsold
294Leica M6 Nr. 1926879 Titanium with 35mm Summilux-M f1,4 Nr. 3570903Titanium, in boxes.Unsold
295Leica M6 Nr. 1930843 Titanium in original box.Unsold
296Leica M6 Nr. 1936326 Titanium with body cap.Unsold
297Leica M6 LHSA Anniversary Set.$10,250.00
298Leica M6 .85 Chrome “Die Letzten M6,” 1984-2002 Anniversary$2,000.00
299Leica MP3 LHSA Set No. 3026659 (0284/1000)$12,300.00
300135mm Elmar f4 Nr. 1890445 Prototype made in Black Enamel. Extremely rare.$7,500.00
301Leica A Elmax Nr. 597.$2,850.00
302Leica M4-2 Chrome Nr. 1532513.$2,020.00
30350mm Summilux f1,4 Nr. 1660209 Black Enamel/Black Chrome,$15,500.00
30450mm Noctilux f1,2 Nr. 2247790 with hood and rear cap.Unsold
30550mm Noctilux f1,2 Nr. 2254501.Unsold
306280mm Telyt-R f4 Nr. 157-0003 Prototype.$5,500.00
307400mm Telyt-R f4,8 Nr. 158-0003 Prototype.$8,500.00
308560mm Telyt-R f5,6 Nr. 159-0003 Prototype.$7,500.00
30990mm Elcan f1 Nr. 164-0015 E. Leitz Canada .$85,000.00
310600mm Apo-Telyt-R f5 Nr. 172-0001 Prototype.$70,000.00
311Sabre Gun Stock for Leica photography$13,500.00
312Leica C No. 37134 Calfskin ($55,000.00
313Leica M4 KE-7A Nr. 1294974 Still Picture Camera with 50mm Elcan f2 Nr.276-0465.$20,000.00
314Leica M4-2 Safari Prototype Outfit$32,500.00